Pisano Rio De Los Pajaros Tannat Syrah Viognier 2013

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Syrah / Shiraz, Tannat, Viognier

Clever blend of three varietals combining weight, flavour and backbone from the Tannat with spice and fruit from the Syrah and the aroma and freshness of the Viognier.

The result is a dark and intense purple colour in the glass, the aromas hints of prunes and touches of liquorice, followed by spices of cinnamon and black pepper. On the palate leather notes, blueberries and dark cherries are prominent, with well integrated toasty oak.

The Pisano vineyards belong to a group of small family vignerons with an artisan tradition of making wines that reflect the character of the land and the people. Francesco Pisano arrived in Uruguay in 1870 from Italy (the great grandfather of the current owners).

The original vineyards were planted in 1914 by his son Cesare. Today, this winemaking tradition continues and they produce some of the country`s most prestigious and best wines with distinctive character oriented to the high quality, niche market.

These hand crafted wines are produced in limited quantities and total production at the Pisano family cellars is only 18,000 cases per year across the range of these award winning varietals.