Fonseca Siroco White Port

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Portugal, Douro

Fortified, Dry

Arinto, Gouveio, Malvasia, Rabigato, Viosinho

Fonseca Siroco is a dry white port first introduced in the 1950s and named after the warm wind which blows over the Mediterranean from North Africa.

To achieve its crisp dry finish, the wine is made in the traditional way, by foot treading and is allowed to ferment for longer than other styles of Port before it is fortified. Ageing in small oak vats gives Siroco its smoothness as well as its attractive ripe fruit flavours and delicate nuttiness.

Makes an excellent aperitif. It can also be enjoyed poured over ice, topped up with tonic and a leaf of fresh mint. Serve with salted almonds or olives.

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