St Tamas 'MA'D' Dry Furmint 2015

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Hungary, Tokaj-Hegyalja

White, Mineral, Light Bodied, Unoaked


The Szent Tamás winery was founded by 2 Hungarian businessmen and the son of Hungary's most famous and influential producers- Istevan Szepsy. They firmly believe the village of MÁD in the remote Tokaj region of Hungary is one of the great wine producing areas of the world.

Somewhere between Chablis and Loire Chenin in style, this refreshing white wine expresses both the varietal character of the Furmint variety and the typical minerality of the vineyards of Mád village.

A well balanced & wonderfully elegant blend of apricot and peach fruit with a subtle hint of warming, ginger spice. Just off dry in style with great structure and minerality.

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